Carulli. F, Adantino. Video supplied for my grade 2 students. Played without fingernails as my students at this grade tend not to have nails.

Video 1. Harry performing a grade 2 piece  "Carlo Domeniconi, Klangbild (Sound Picture)" in preparation for his Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) mid-year 2018 exam. Nearer to the exam, another video will be posted showing Harry's progress.


Video 2. Aocheng performing a grade 1 piece in preparation for his AMEB mid-year 2018 exam. This video shows his work in progress. In 2017 Aocheng received an A mark for his preliminary level exam.

This beginner guitar lesson set is provided for the benefit of young students and their parents, to show key issues that beginners face and need to overcome. But it is also equally valid for adult beginners.

Video 1- 4 deal with correct guitar playing posture, right hand and arm alignment, and right hand technique.